This is what I stand for, and believe in.

There are three themes that cover the main responsibilities of the Federal Government.

- The Economy (jobs, international relations, interest rates, immigration, currency, …)

-Jobs: What is important is production. We need to make more things, grow more food, mine more minerals, provide more goods and services.  We also need to tax less; in order to promote production. The more our country produces, the more prices go down and the standard of living goes up. We need high productivity. We need more innovation and more skilled workers.  The innovations and the skill workers will provide a higher standard of living for everyone.

-International Relations: We should promote the free flow of commerce.  It improves the living standard of both parties. A world where everyone trades is less likely to  experience conflicts.

-Interest Rates: It is the value of money and should reflect the perspective of both the lender and the borrower.  When interest rates are too low; you get inflation and ordinary people risk their wealth on investments to get a higher return (where they can loose everything).  If interests rates are too high, everyone stops buying and your economy stalls.

-Immigration: There have been a lot of benefits for Canada through immigration, yet we should insure that the people we accept integrate our society and have skills that will be recognized by our institutions, so that they can participate fully in our society. The biggest hurdle I hear, from people, is the time it takes for new arrivals to go through the lengthy process for their acceptance.  This delays their participation into our economy.

-Currency: It is not the number written on the currency that is important, it is what one can buy with it, that counts. When the Canadian dollar goes up in value, we become wealthier as Canadians.  Many people believe that a lower currency helps exports, at first it does. But what happens soon after, is that the country can’t afford innovation; productivity goes down and so does the living standard.

- The Criminal Law (Criminal Courts, jails, border safety, illegal commerce ….)

-Criminal Court: I think that many Canadians question our justice system.  I believe that more focus and resources should be allocated to victims and their families rather than towards guilty criminals.  It seems that we allocate so much money for those who break the law, and so little for those who comply to it.

-Jails: There appears to be a perception within our population, that our prison system caters too much to the inmates’ needs.  I think that there is something to look into, to see if there could be some cost reductions on the back of the comfort for the inmates.

-Border safety: I think that we should maintain a positive dialogue with our US counterparts to facilitate the circulation of goods and people between the two countries.

-Illegal commerce: The prohibition of drugs has been implemented to reduce access to our population for moral or health related reasons.  There are other products that pose similar detriments, but our society has decided to tax them and/or control them instead.  The goal is still to discourage usage or restrict access especially to youth and children.  Any proposal on decriminalization of marijuana or other products, should have the same objectives.

- National Defense (Veterans, peace missions, …)

-Veterans: I support our Veterans and recognize the importance of their contribution.

-Peace Missions: Our implications in foreign lands should be dictated by Canadian Army Officials based on our capacities, rather than on our commitments or the needs of our allies.